Article I – Persons authorised to view the site : the web site contains sexual, erotic or pornographic photograph, videos and information.
Due to its contents and so as not to harm the development of children, the web site should be viewed only by persons over 18.

For the information of users using a computer that is likely to be used by under age individuals, software programmes exist that allow to restrict the access to web sites for under age individual protection. Users are also asked to set their Internet navigator in such a way that the loading of web pages containing sexual, erotic or pornographic material be denied.

Article II – Acceptance of terms of use : The user states that he has read these terms of use. Thee user may not view the web site before agreeing to these terms of use by clicking the intended box Said clicking will constitute the user’s acceptance hereof.

Article III – Intellectual property : The photographs and videos featured on the web site are works protected by the intellectual property code and international agreements, and whose intellectual property rights belong to the publisher of the said site.
The photograph and videos downloaded from the web site are for a strictly private and personal use.

Forbidden activities include but are not limited to : the exchange, resale, rental, transfer to a third party, of the files containing the said photographs or videos, as well as their circulation on any other web page, the modification thereof and use for commercial purposes.

All reproduction and representation rights are reserved, and any use of the photographs and videos apart from strictly private and personal uses eposes the user to legal and criminal proceedings.

Article IV – Liability exclusion : The publisher is not responsible if the user cannot access the web site, including for maintenance work reasons or if the access is interrupted, at any time, due to a defect beyond the publisher’s control. The publisher cannot guarantee that the site is without computer viruses nor any other anomaly beyond his control.

Users state that they are well familiar with the Internet, its characteristics and its limits, and acknowledge that data transmissions on the Internet do not enjoy absolute technical reliability, as the date travel on heterogeneous networks with various characteristics and technical capacities, and can be saturated at certain times in the day.

That the data circulated on the Internet are not protected against possible diversion, and thus that the provision of any information is made by users at their risks.
Hypertext links can send to other web sites. The publisher declines any responsibility should the contents of the said sites breach applicable legal or regulatory provisions.


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